Saturday, 21 February 2015

Walk Difficulty Statistics

I have collected together the data from our programmes and my track logs for our A walks. I have data for only 28 walks (1 E, 14 M and 13 S), but that is enough to show the general pattern.

The average estimated length of an A walk was 11.0 miles, and the average actual length was 11.5 miles. Most of our volunteer leaders provided good estimates, but there were a few significant underestimates.

The average actual length of an M walk was 10.9 miles, and the average actual length of an S walk was 12.1 miles. (M/S walks have been counted as S).

Here is a histogram showing the number of M and S walks falling within each range of ascent:

Here is a graph showing the proportion of A walks falling below each ascent value:

About 30% of our A walks had less than 1,500 feet of ascent, and about 30% had over 2,000 feet of ascent.

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