Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Getting Started with ViewRanger

ViewRanger is free navigation App for the iPhone and Android. Here is the map screen:

The + and - buttons magnify and demagnify the map. The middle button centres the map on the current location. Tapping the stop watch button in the top right hand corner of the screen brings up the track recording screen:

Tapping the red blob in the middle of the screen starts and stops ViewRanger recording a track. Tapping the pen near the top right hand side of the screen lets you give the track a meaningful name. Tapping the Upload button uploads your newly recorded track to the ViewRanger website.

Tapping the map icon at the top right hand side of the recording screen returns you to the map. Tapping > at the top right hand side of the map screen takes you to a menu screen:

Tapping Organizer takes you to the Organizer screen:

Tapping Tracks takes you to your recorded tracks. (If a track is currently being recorded, it shows as Record Track.) Tapping a track on the list takes you to the Track Details for that track. For further information, see the earlier post.

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